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How To Embed a Video

It is now really simple to embed a video, especially if your video is hosted on one of the following sites:
YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Google Video, or WordPress TV. Simply paste the url onto its own line in your post or if you want it on the same line with other text use the embed tag. For more details watch this short video:

[wpmudev-video video="oEmbed"]

Custom Post Types and Other Mysteries

It takes a while to get used to WordPress lingo. What is the difference between a template and a theme? How are custom post types different from custom fields, or post formats for that matter? What are taxonomies? Here are a few brief definitions:


Themes are the combined templates, functions and styles that together create the look and functionality of your website. You can change themes without losing the content of your website although it might be displayed differently. The current WordPress default theme is Twentyeleven.

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How To Add New Media To Your Library

All media such as images, videos or audio files are stored in your media library. You can upload media to the library even if you don't want to embed them in a page or post quite yet. Here is how:

[wpmudev-video video="add-media"]

What is Multisite?

I was recently asked if multisite would be a good solution for someone who wants to separate access to the administration of a website from access to the administration of a plugin? The WP user was already using the Member and Adminize plugins to achieve this but thought they were overkill and that multisite might be a simpler solution.

My answer to this was that multisite would certainly be even more overkill and that it is not really what multisite is designed to do.

Multisite basically allows you to create a network of websites, similar to They are separate websites with their own databases but they run off the same WordPress installation and they share plugins and themes. A Super Admin has privileges to administrate the whole network while Admins can only administrate their own subdirectory blog. The Super Admin decides which themes and plugins will be available for use within the network. The admin of each blog decides which one of those plugins they want to use.

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