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Learn to Podcast

The short story is: "Add a media file to a WordPress post in a category and make that available through iTunes." Here's what you'll see in the iTunes application to submit your podcast when you're ready.

The screen shot above is not from a web page. You have to navigate to it by first opening iTunes and then navigating to the store, which is where Apple wants everyone to be. Read More »

We Help You Understand Internet Services

A client should always make sure that they own the domain name registration to protect their interests. With a backup, everything else can be replicated if something goes wrong in the relationship with your developer. In order to have a working website, you have to register your unique domain name, you have to point the name to an IP address (identified by a string of numbers) and you have store content (everything in your website) at that IP address. These different services are sometimes handled by the same provider but often by different ones. Read More »