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Is UX a part of your product strategy?

Chess by Alessandro Suraci from The Noun ProjectJeff Gothelf, the author of Lean UX, Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience claims "There is no such thing as UX strategy."

We've taken Jeff's questions that get you to think about your holistic product strategy and presented them here as a form. Please send us your answers and in the last question add your comments as to how you think LoudFeed or anyone else might help you with achieving your goals.

We would especially like staff from our clients to answer these individually. We're very interested in hearing varying perspectives and the first thing that comes to your mind, versus the results of a committee meeting. We'll keep your identity anonymous in aggregate reporting of your group's answers. Read More »

Our Process

Our Process

Your needs and an appropriate business solution that fits the culture of your organization are at the heart of our process. We first look to understand the philosophy of your organization to put the p...Read More »
Design Mockups

Design Mockups

Once we have created a wireframe that gives a general picture of the size ratios and placement of web page elements, we use tools like Photoshop and Fireworks to provide a non-working mockup of what a...Read More »

We Help You Understand Internet Services

A client should always make sure that they own the domain name registration to protect their interests. With a backup, everything else can be replicated if something goes wrong in the relationship with your developer. In order to have a working website, you have to register your unique domain name, you have to point the name to an IP address (identified by a string of numbers) and you have store content (everything in your website) at that IP address. These different services are sometimes handled by the same provider but often by different ones. Read More »